Ton Duc Thang University Vietnam Scholarships 2023

Ton Duc Thang University Vietnam is a top university in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees, including business, engineering, and health sciences. The university has a diverse student population from all over the country and world, providing students with an international learning experience. TDTU also has a number of campuses throughout Ho Chi Minh City, making it easily accessible to students.

Ton Duc Thang University Vietnam is a university located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. TDTU was founded in 1997 and is one of the most prestigious universities in Vietnam. The university has a student population of over 35,000, spread across five faculties and five colleges. The faculties are the Faculty of Economics & Management, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, the Faculty of Sciences, and the College of Architecture.

The Ton Duc Thang University Vietnam Scholarships are offered in the following fields of study: Undergraduate programs: Accounting, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Science and Technology, Finance, HotelTon Duc Thang University Vietnam Scholarships are open to international students. These scholarships are available for pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The aim of the scholarships is to provide financial assistance to students from countries with developing economies.

The Ton Duc Thang University Vietnam Scholarship Programme is a full scholarship that covers tuition fees, accommodation, monthly stipend, and other miscellaneous expenses. To be eligible for the scholarships, applicants must be citizens of a country with developing economies, have excellent academic results, and meet the English language requirements of the university.

Scholarships are available for undergraduate and graduate students in a number of different fields of study. The scholarships are open to students from all countries and cover a range of different expenses, including tuition and living expenses. To be eligible for a scholarship, students must have a high level of academic achievement and be able to demonstrate their commitment to academic excellence.

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Summary Of The Scholarship:

  • University: Ton Duc Thang University
  • Country: Vietnam
  • Application Procedure: Online
  • Course Level: Master, and PhD
  • Last Date To Apply: 30 August 2023

Courses Offered:

  • Faculty of Environment and Labor Safety
  • Faculty of Finance and Banking
  • Faculty of Foreign Languages
  • Faculty of Information Technology
  • Faculty of Labour Relations and Trade Unions
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities
  • Faculty of Sport Science
  • Faculty of Accounting
  • Faculty of Applied Science
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Business Administration
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The Benefits Of Getting This Scholarship:

  • Completely Funded grants (100 percent): All the educational expenses and different costs will be covered by the college.
  • Fractional Funded Scholarships (half): You will get half-educational expenses and different advantages.
  • To some extent Funded (25%): You will get 25% of educational expenses and different advantages.

Qualification Criteria:

  • Worldwide candidates should be secondary school graduates.
  • For the Undergraduate programs instructed in English: global candidates should have IELTS ≥ 5.0 or equality.
  • Great Academic scores in the past test.
  • Should have additional educational program movement
  • A Good CV/RESUME
  • Suggestion letter to sign up for Master’s Degree.

How To Apply?

  • The application process is online.
  • To apply, please visit the University Website.

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