Syngenta Internships 2024 For Students

Syngenta, a global agricultural company, offers a variety of internships that provide valuable opportunities for students and recent graduates to gain practical experience in the fields of agriculture, technology, and sustainability. These internships are typically a way of departments within the company, including research and development, marketing, finance, and technology.

Interns are often involved in projects that focus on developing and implementing cutting-edge technologies and practices to enhance crop yields, reduce environmental impact, and improve overall agricultural sustainability. This aligns with Syngenta’s way of addressing the challenges of feeding a growing global population while minimizing the ecological footprint of agriculture.

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Regarding Syngenta

Syngenta is a global agricultural company specializing in crop protection and seeds. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Syngenta operates in over 90 countries, aiming to improve global food security through innovative agricultural solutions. The company focuses on developing and supplying a wide range of crop protection products, including pesticides and herbicides, as well as seeds for various crops.

Syngenta’s way to sustainable agriculture is evident in its efforts to enhance productivity while minimizing environmental impact. Acquired by ChemChina in 2017, Syngenta continues to play a crucial role in addressing the challenges of modern agriculture by promoting sustainable practices and providing farmers with tools to optimize crop yields and resilience.


  • Organization Name: Syngenta
  • Location: Basel, Switzerland
  • Education: Minimum High School
  • Industry: Agrichemical 


Interns at Syngenta have the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals in the industry, gaining insights into the complexities of modern agriculture. The company values collaboration and encourages interns to contribute their ideas and perspectives to ongoing projects. This environment creates a rich learning experience for interns, allowing them to see the practical application of their academic knowledge in real-world scenarios.

The internship programs at Syngenta are created to be comprehensive, offering a mix of experience, and professional development opportunities. Interns may be involved in field trials, data analysis, market research, and other activities.

Its internship programs reflect this dedication by providing opportunities for individuals from various backgrounds and academic disciplines. This enriches the working environment and leads to a more approach to addressing global agricultural challenges.


You can apply online on the official website.

Official Website


Interns may also benefit from exposure to Syngenta’s global presence, as the company operates in numerous countries around the world. This international disclosure can be particularly useful for interns interested in understanding the complexities of agriculture on a global scale and developing a broader perspective on the industry.

Syngenta’s internships offer a unique and enriching experience for students and recent graduates passionate about agriculture, and technology. The programs provide experienced professionals and gain insights into the diverse field of modern agriculture.