Sundance Institute Internships 2023

This Sundance Institute Internships program provides hands-on training and guidance from industry veterans while also allowing interns to contribute to the Institute’s critical work. Interns will have the chance to work in a variety of areas during the internship, including programming, marketing and communications, development, artist services, and more.

Students must be presently enrolled or have just graduated from an approved college or institution to be eligible for an internship with the Sundance Institute. Interns should be extremely driven, and organized, and have a genuine interest in cinema and media. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are also required. The length of the internship varies based on the department and role, but it normally lasts three to six months.

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Regarding Sundance Institute

The Sundance Institute is a non-profit organization committed to the growth of independent cinema, narrative, and the arts. Founded in 1981 by actor and filmmaker Robert Redford, the institute is named after the Sundance Resort in Utah, which is noted for its magnificent natural settings and has hosted the Sundance Film Festival since its founding.

This Sundance Institute’s principal aim is to promote and nurture independent filmmakers and artists, assisting them in developing their craft and bringing their distinct voices to the public. This initiative provides resources, coaching, and money to independent filmmakers working on narrative and documentary feature films. It provides a variety of laboratories, courses, and scholarships to help these ideas grow and be produced.


  • Organization Name: Sundance Institute
  • Location: Park City, Utah, United States
  • Education: Minimum Inter
  • Industry: Private


  • Interns acquire a chance to receive hands-on experience and build skills in their chosen sector, whether it be film programming, marketing, development, or production.
  • Students get the opportunity to network with experts and industry insiders throughout their stay at the Sundance Institute. This networking may be extremely beneficial for developing contacts and potential employment chances.
  • Many interns have the chance to work closely with seasoned professionals who can act as mentors. This mentoring may give direction and insights into the sector as well as professional advancement.
  • Apprentices may be able to attend these events, getting exposure to new films, industry trends, and networking possibilities.
  • Trainees can learn about the creative and logistical sides of independent filmmaking, getting insight into a new side of the business.


You can apply online on the official website.

Official Website

Final Words

The Sundance Institute internships project provides a significant chance for aspiring professionals in the entertainment business to obtain hands-on experience and improve their abilities. The internships give an opportunity to engage directly with industry experts while also participating in the famed Sundance Film Festival. With a variety of internships offered in several fields, there is something for everyone interested in cinema, arts, and media. Apply for a Sundance Institute internship today and take an important step toward a successful career in the business.