SAIC Internships 2024 School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) is a prestigious art and design school that offers various internship opportunities to its students. Internships at SAIC can cover all fields within art, design, and related industries. Here’s some information about SAIC internships:

Types of Internships: SAIC provides internships across different artistic disciplines, including but not limited to:

  • Visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography, etc.)
  • Design (graphic design, fashion design, industrial design, etc.)
  • Film, video, and new media
  • Art education and museum studies
  • Art history and theory
  • Arts administration and management

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Duration and Timing: Internship durations can vary widely depending on the specific program or department. Some internships may be short-term or project-based, while others might last for an entire semester or academic year. Summer internships are also commonly available.

Eligibility and Application Process: SAIC students often have access to internship opportunities through the school’s career services or academic departments. Students might need to meet certain prerequisites or requirements depending on the internship position. The application process usually involves submitting a resume, portfolio (if applicable), and possibly a cover letter or additional documents.

Benefits: Internships at SAIC can provide students with valuable practical experience in their chosen field, networking opportunities, mentorship from professionals, and a chance to apply classroom learning to real-world situations.

Location: Internship opportunities for SAIC students can be both on and off-campus. SAIC is located in Chicago, a city rich in cultural and artistic resources, which provides numerous opportunities for internships in various art institutions, museums, galleries, design firms, and more.


You can apply online on the official website.

Official Website

Final Words

SAIC’s Career and Professional Experience (CAPX) office or departmental advisors often assist students in finding and applying for internships, providing resources, and guidance, and sometimes facilitating connections with potential employers.

Students at SAIC should regularly check the school’s career services website, bulletin boards, or online job portals specifically for SAIC students to stay updated on available internship opportunities. Additionally, networking with professors, alumni, and professionals in the field can be beneficial for discovering potential internships within the art and design industry.