Rocky Mountain Institute Internships 2023

Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is a renowned non-profit organization dedicated to advancing sustainability and clean energy solutions. RMI offers a variety of internships for individuals passionate about environmental issues and renewable energy. These internships provide a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience, contribute to meaningful projects, and work alongside experts in the field.

RMI’s internship program is designed to nurture the next generation of leaders in sustainability, energy, and climate change. These internships are typically available in various areas, including research and analysis, project management, communications, and technology, among others.

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Regarding RMI

The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is a non-profit organization founded in 1982 with a mission to drive the global transition to a sustainable, low-carbon energy future. Headquartered in Basalt, Colorado, RMI operates at the intersection of business, technology, and sustainability to accelerate the adoption of clean energy solutions and promote environmental stewardship.

RMI focuses on various areas, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, transportation, and sustainable development. They work with businesses, governments, and communities to develop innovative strategies and solutions that reduce carbon emissions and promote economic resilience.

Through research, consulting, collaboration, and advocacy, RMI has played a pivotal role in advancing clean energy policies, promoting renewable energy integration, and designing sustainable urban landscapes. RMI’s work contributes to addressing climate change, enhancing energy security, and fostering a more sustainable and prosperous future.


  • Organization Name: Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Location: Colorado, United States
  • Education: Minimum Inter
  • Industry: Private


Interns at RMI have the chance to work on real-world projects that address some of the most pressing global challenges, such as transitioning to a low-carbon economy, enhancing energy efficiency, and fostering sustainable transportation. The organization’s collaborative and innovative environment allows interns to develop their skills while making a positive impact on the world.

RMI internships are competitive, and candidates are expected to be motivated, forward-thinking, and committed to RMI’s mission. While specific requirements can vary depending on the position, having a strong academic background and relevant coursework in areas like environmental science, engineering, economics, or policy is often beneficial.

Throughout their internship, participants can expect to engage in research, data analysis, and the development of sustainable solutions. They collaborate with RMI experts and are encouraged to think critically, propose innovative ideas, and contribute to the organization’s ongoing initiatives.


You can apply online on the official website.

Official Website

Final Words

The internships may vary in duration, with opportunities available during the summer, fall, and spring. Interns often receive a stipend or compensation for their work. This helps make the experience accessible to a diverse range of candidates.

Rocky Mountain Institute internships give a chance for individuals who want to make a difference in the world of sustainability and clean energy. Through hands-on experience, collaboration with experts, and exposure to cutting-edge projects, interns can contribute to RMI’s mission of accelerating the transition to a more sustainable and equitable future. These internships are an excellent stepping stone for those passionate about environmental conservation and eager to create positive change in the world.