RHB Bank Internship Program 2024 For Graduates

An internship with RHB Bank, one of the leading banking institutions in Asia, is a remarkable opportunity for young individuals to immerse themselves in the dynamic world of finance and banking. RHB Bank, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has established itself as a prominent player in the financial industry with a rich history dating back to 1997. The bank’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and community engagement makes it an ideal setting for aspiring professionals to learn, grow, and contribute.

The RHB Internship program is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the banking sector while fostering personal and professional development. The program spans various departments within the bank, including Retail Banking, Corporate and Investment Banking, Wealth Management, Risk Management, and Digital Banking, among others. This diverse exposure allows interns to explore different facets of banking and gain insights into the complex interplay of financial services.

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Regarding RHB Bank

RHB Bank, also known as RHB Banking Group, is one of the prominent financial institutions in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. The acronym “RHB” stands for Rashid Hussain Berhad, honoring one of its founders, Abdul Rashid Hussain. Established in 1997 through a merger of several banks, RHB Bank has since grown to become one of the largest integrated financial services groups in the region, offering a comprehensive range of banking and financial products and services.

The history of RHB Bank dates back to the 19th century when its earliest predecessor banks were established. The modern RHB Bank was formed in 1997 through the merger of three financial institutions: DCB Bank, Kwong Yik Bank, and Sime Bank. This merger created a stronger entity with a wider network and enhanced capabilities.

RHB Bank provides a comprehensive range of financial services, including retail banking, commercial banking, corporate and investment banking, Islamic banking, asset management, and more. It serves a diverse clientele, including individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), corporations, and government agencies.


  • Organization Name: RHB Bank
  • Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Education: Minimum Inter
  • Industry: Banking


Interns at RHB Bank are guided through a well-structured curriculum that combines hands-on experience with training sessions. This approach enables them to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations and equips them with practical skills essential for their future careers.

Each intern is assigned a mentor who is a seasoned professional within the bank. This mentor provides guidance, feedback, and valuable insights, helping interns navigate their roles more effectively and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Interns have the chance to interact with professionals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Regular networking sessions, workshops, and team-building activities facilitate the development of a strong professional network that could prove invaluable throughout their careers.


You can apply online on the official website.

Official Website

Final Words

Interns are given meaningful projects to work on, aligned with the bank’s ongoing initiatives. This hands-on experience allows them to contribute actively to the bank’s operations and innovation efforts while learning about the industry’s latest trends.

Beyond domain-specific knowledge, interns also enhance essential soft skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and adaptability. These skills are crucial in the fast-paced and ever-evolving banking industry.

RHB Bank is known for its inclusive and collaborative work culture. Interns have the chance to experience this firsthand, gaining insights into the values and ethos that drive the bank’s success.