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The ORAU provides a diverse selection of internship opportunities for students in a variety of professions. ORAU internships provide students with significant hands-on experience as well as exposure to cutting-edge research and development. Whether you want to work in science, engineering, or policy, ORAU provides internships that can help you get there.

These ORAU internships are normally provided in the summer, however, there can be year-round options. Internships can last anything from a few weeks to many months. To be eligible for an ORAU internship, applicants must be enrolled in a degree program at a recognized college or university. ORAU internship applications are tough, with only a limited number of opportunities available each year.

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Regarding ORAU

ORAU is an acronym that stands for Oak Ridge Associated Universities. It is a partnership of American institutions and a management consulting business focused on scientific research, teaching, and workforce development. The objective of ORAU is to improve scientific research and education by collaborating with a variety of organizations, mainly in the domains of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

They strive to deliver new solutions and services to their member institutions and other clientele. ORAU is a cooperation of more than 120 schools and institutions. These member institutions work together on a variety of research and instructional projects. ORAU’s origins may be traced back to the creation of the Oak Ridge Reservation as part of the Manhattan Project during WWII.


  • Organization Name: ORAU
  • Location: Oak Ridge, Tennessee, United States
  • Education: Minimum Inter
  • Industry: Education


  • Interns working via ORAU may have the opportunity to network with experts and researchers in their field, which may be advantageous for future career growth.
  • Students may get mentoring, coaching, and training to help them flourish in their chosen careers.
  • An apprenticeship at ORAU will look great on your CV. It indicates your dedication to study and learning and might help you stand out to potential companies or graduate schools.
  • ORAU internships may include competitive stipends, scholarships, or travel allowances, depending on the individual program and placement. These financial rewards can assist in alleviating the financial strain of college fees.
  • Some ORAU programs enable interns to interact across fields, promoting a well-rounded and versatile approach to problem-solving.


You can apply online on the official website.

Official Website

Last Words

The ORAU internships are excellent chances for students who want to get practical experience in their subject of study. These internships give students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and abilities in real-world situations, as well as get exposure to cutting-edge research and cooperation with renowned experts. ORAU internships may be a critical stepping stone to a successful career, whether you are a current student or a recent graduate. Apply for an ORAU internship today to capitalize on this opportunity to advance your professional growth.