Met Museum Internships 2023 For Graduates

Securing a coveted internship at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a triumphant moment, brimming with the promise of unrivaled experiences and boundless artistic discovery. This opportunity immerses interns in a dynamic, museological microcosm, where they become intrepid custodians of cultural heritage. Their journey within the Met’s hallowed halls unfurls an exquisite tapestry of engagement, enriched with vibrant novelties.

Met interns don the cloak of curators, partaking in an avant-garde approach to artifact curation. They navigate the labyrinthine corridors, unraveling arcane narratives while imbuing objects with fresh perspectives. By circumventing the trite and conventional, interns introduce an avant-garde aura into exhibitions, fostering a sensory symphony that resonates with visitors.

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Segments Of the Program

Collaborative synergies burgeon as interns synthesize an assortment of artistic motifs, juxtaposing them in ways heretofore uncharted. The resultant amalgamations elucidate connections between disparate epochs and regions, rendering the museum a living encyclopedia of artistic eclecticism. This fluidity, fostering interdisciplinary dialectics, underscores the dynamic nature of their creative endeavor.

Throughout their tenure, Met interns undergo a metamorphosis akin to a Renaissance polymath. They seamlessly segue between tasks, from cataloging intricate artworks to orchestrating immersive multimedia exhibitions. Their intellectual acrobatics stretch the canvas of museum operations, generating an ever-changing mosaic of ingenuity.

The mettlesome spirit of interns extends to organizing sundry outreach programs, encompassing both the traditional and the avant-garde. This kaleidoscope of events kindles a sense of cultural amity, drawing individuals of all walks to partake in the tapestry of artistic patrimony. The museum’s precincts resonate with a symphony of diverse voices, rendering the Met a mecca of cultural pluralism.


  • Organization Name: Met Museum
  • Location: Wilmington, Delaware, United States
  • Education: Minimum Inter
  • Industry: Technology


You can apply online on the official website.

Official Website


Amidst the meandering corridors, interns adopt a chameleonic role, adroitly adapting to the museum’s dynamic exigencies. Their dexterity extends to modern technology, as they harness digital platforms to crystallize captivating narratives. Through virtual tours and engaging podcasts, they amplify the Met’s reach, extending the canvas of knowledge to global audiences.

The Met internship experience is not limited to bricks and mortar, it unfurls into the wider cultural fabric, connecting interns with luminaries and avant-garde luminaries from various artistic spheres. This nexus ignites intellectual incandescence, facilitating a dynamic dialogue between scholars, artists, and curators.