Kaiser Permanente Internship 2023 Latest

Internships at Kaiser Permanente are open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent graduates who have finished their degrees within the previous year. Training is available in a wide range of fields, including but not limited to healthcare, information technology, finance, marketing, human resources, and research.

The duration of this internship varies depending on the department and role. Students at the company are compensated competitively. Depending on the occupation, the pay may be a salary, stipend, or hourly wage. Interested candidates may apply for internships through the Kaiser Permanente jobs website. Applicants must create an account, add a CV and cover letter, and fill out an application form.

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Regarding Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is a healthcare institution that serves its members by operating its own network of hospitals, medical centers, and clinics. It was established in 1945 and is headquartered in Oakland, California, USA. The company operates in eight states and has over 12 million members. It provides primary care, specialized care, hospital and emergency treatment, pharmaceutical services, laboratory services, and preventative care.

This corporation is well-known for its integrated healthcare delivery system, which implies that its physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers collaborate to offer coordinated treatment to its members. It also employs electronic medical records to guarantee that all of its clinicians have easy access to the health information of its members.


  • Organization Name: Kaiser Permanente
  • Location: Oakland, California, United States
  • Education: Minimum Intermediate
  • Industry: Private


The Kaiser Permanente Internship plan provides multiple benefits, including:

  • Students are given the chance to obtain hands-on experience in their subject of study. They work with seasoned professionals, gain new skills, and put what they’ve learned into practice in the real world.
  • Interns are able to interact with professionals in their field of study. This assists students in developing a network of connections, which may be useful while seeking future employment.
  • Trainees are guided and mentored by experienced professionals. It enables individuals to hone their abilities, evaluate their strengths and shortcomings, and obtain a better grasp of their potential career paths.
  • Most apprenticeships are paid, so the intern benefits financially.
  • Participants learn important life skills including time management, communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.


You can apply online on the official website.

Official Website

Final Words

The Kaiser Permanente internship program is a terrific chance to gain healthcare sector experience. This curriculum is highly competitive, so put your best foot forward when applying. Make sure to do your homework on the firm and job you’re looking for, and be prepared to explain why you’re a good match for the apprenticeship.