Franklin Templeton Internship Program 2023

The Franklin Templeton Internship Programme is a 10-week, paid summer internship for college juniors and seniors. This curriculum is intended to provide learners with practical knowledge in the financial services business, with a concentration on investment management. During the internship, pupils will work on a number of tasks and activities, such as researching investments, creating marketing materials, and aiding with customer support.

Students will also have the chance to attend educational seminars and workshops and to network with Franklin Templeton experts. The Plan is a great method to obtain experience in the financial services industry and learn more about investment management. If you are interested in applying for the scheme, please visit their website.

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Regarding Franklin Templeton

Franklin Templeton is a multinational investment management organization located in San Mateo, California. Rupert H. Johnson Sr. generated it in 1947 & primarily concentrated on administering mutual funds. Over time, the company’s offerings have grown to cover a diverse variety of financial products and services. Franklin Templeton administers assets for people, organizations, and financial advisers all across the world.

They provide a range of investment strategies across asset classes, including equities, fixed income, multi-asset solutions, and alternatives. The business operates through a network of offices in numerous locations, allowing them to deliver localized investing knowledge and services to customers worldwide. It has a substantial presence in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.


  • Organization Name: Franklin Templeton
  • Location: San Mateo, California, United States
  • Education: Minimum Intermediate
  • Industry: Investment


  • The internship gives significant hands-on experience in the asset management business, allowing students to apply their academic knowledge to real-world circumstances. This experience improves their talents and understanding of the sector.
  • Students acquire experience in a variety of areas of investment management, including portfolio analysis, research, and client interactions. They may learn from seasoned professionals and gain a thorough grasp of financial markets and investing methods.
  • An internship at Franklin Templeton allows you to meet and network with experts in the finance business. Networking with industry professionals and peers might lead to future career chances and mentorship opportunities.
  • Those who complete the internships successfully may be given consideration for full-time jobs at Franklin Templeton.


You can apply online on the official website.

Official Website

Final Words

The Franklin Templeton Internship Programme is an excellent approach to learning about the financial services business while gaining practical experience. Students will get the chance to work with some of the world’s finest investment professionals and learn about the various parts of the industry. This internship is available to current college students who want to work in finance.