Doctors Without Borders Internship 2024 Latest

This Doctors Without Borders Internship program is accessible to medical students, residents, and licensed medical professionals who have finished their training. The internship might last anywhere from six weeks to six months, depending on the availability and demands of each project. During the internship, participants will be exposed to a variety of medical settings, including emergency response, infectious illnesses, maternity and child health, and primary healthcare.

To be eligible for the program, applicants must satisfy specific requirements. These qualifications often include a finished or ongoing medical or healthcare-related degree, proficiency in English and French (recommended), and a strong dedication to our beliefs and humanitarian work. To apply for the internship, please go to their website and fill out the online application form.

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Regarding Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is an international humanitarian medical organization that offers medical aid to anyone in need regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation. The major purpose of the organization is to provide emergency medical treatment to persons and communities afflicted by war, natural disasters, epidemics, or other humanitarian situations.

MSF is recognized for its autonomy and neutrality. The organization is free of any political, religious, or economic influence, allowing it to offer medical treatment based only on medical requirements. Doctors Without Borders focuses on providing timely and high-quality medical care in remote locations. Their teams are made up of medical experts such as physicians, nurses, surgeons, and other specialists who can respond rapidly to crises.


  • Organization Name: Doctors Without Borders
  • Location: Geneva, Switzerland
  • Education: Minimum Inter
  • Industry: Charity


  • Interns are frequently given the opportunity to work with seasoned medical professionals in real-world settings. This hands-on experience may give invaluable insights into diverse medical procedures and emergency scenarios, hence improving your medical abilities and confidence.
  • As an intern with the organization helps you to obtain a worldwide perspective on healthcare and humanitarian concerns. Working with individuals from other cultures and backgrounds will widen your horizons and increase your cultural competency.
  • While working with Doctors Without Borders allows you to meet specialists in the humanitarian and medical professions. These contacts might be useful for future job prospects and partnerships.
  • Having Doctors Without Borders on your resume will help you stand out to potential employers by displaying your dedication to humanitarian work, versatility, and capacity to operate in difficult settings.


You can apply online on the official website.

Official Website

Final Words

The Doctors Without Borders internship provides a unique and significant experience in the field of global healthcare. Interns get the chance to work with seasoned medical professionals, obtaining hands-on experience and exposure to a wide range of medical diseases and circumstances.

Young physicians may extend their perspectives, strengthen their abilities, and make a significant contribution to neglected communities all around the world by participating in this internship. Check out their website to learn more about the Doctors Without Borders internship and to apply.