Climate Reality Project Internship Program 2024

The Climate Reality Project Internship presents a distinctive opportunity for individuals fervently dedicated to addressing the climate crisis. This esteemed program, initiated by former Vice President Al Gore, is committed to disseminating awareness regarding climate issues, advocating for sustainable policies, and emboldening communities to take resolute action against climatic upheaval.

Interns at the Climate Reality Project are submerged in a dynamic and fast-evolving milieu, wherein they can contribute substantively to pragmatic solutions. The internship scheme is meticulously tailored to impart a holistic comprehension of climate change and endow participants with the acumen and competencies requisite for generating a constructive impact.

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Regarding Climate Reality Project

The Climate Reality Project is a non-profit organization founded by former Vice President Al Gore in 2006. Its mission is to mobilize global action against the climate crisis. The project educates the public about the science of climate change and its consequences while advocating for policies and solutions to address the issue.

Through its influential presentations, training programs, and media campaigns, the Climate Reality Project empowers individuals and communities to become climate activists and leaders. It emphasizes the importance of transitioning to clean and sustainable energy sources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and protecting our planet for future generations.


  • Organization Name: Climate Reality Project
  • Location: Washington, D.C., United States
  • Education: Minimum Inter
  • Industry: Climate


They may assist in orchestrating high-profile events, undertake research to underpin climate initiatives, curate compelling content for social media and educational resources, or engage with diverse demographics to heighten awareness surrounding climate change. This hands-on engagement allows interns to make substantive contributions to the battle against climate change.

It empowers emerging leaders, furnishing them with the tools and erudition required to champion a sustainable and equitable future for all. For those resolutely committed to combatting climate change, this internship serves as a pivotal juncture in their journey toward catalyzing a palpable transformation in the quest for a more salubrious planet.


You can apply online on the official website.

Official Website

Final Words

The Climate Reality Project affords coaching and tutelage from luminaries in the field, ensuring that interns amass invaluable insights into climate science, policy advocacy, and communication stratagems. Interns also have the opportunity to synergize with kindred spirits from across the globe, fostering a worldwide network of climate advocates.