Axalta Internships 2023 Now Open for Applications

These Axalta internships provide students with valuable insight into the business as well as the ability to collaborate on real-world projects with industry specialists. Interns will have the opportunity to work in a variety of areas within Axalta during the internship program, including R&D, Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, and Finance.

The internship program requires participants to have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and to be enrolled full-time in an authorized college or institution. They also search for applicants who have great communication skills, a positive attitude, and a desire to learn and improve professionally. Take into consideration visiting the Axalta team if you’re searching for an internship that will push you and help you in your career.

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Regarding Axalta

Axalta Coating Systems is a multinational coatings firm that specializes in the research, production, and distribution of liquid and powder coatings. The firm offers a diverse range of coatings for a variety of industries, including automotive, industrial, and commercial sectors. Axalta was formerly part of DuPont’s coatings division. It was split off as an independent business in 2013 and renamed Axalta Coating Systems.

This Axalta is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has a global presence in over 130 countries. Axalta has a diverse array of coatings and related products, including automotive and industrial coatings, powder coatings, and performance and transportation coatings. Their coatings are employed in a wide range of applications, from cars and automotive parts to other industrial equipment.


  • Organization Name: Axalta
  • Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Education: Minimum Inter
  • Industry: Coatings


  • This Internship provides possibilities for skill development, networking, and exposure to industry professionals, all of which can benefit your long-term career success.
  • Axalta is a well-known firm in the coatings market, so having their name on your CV may really help your employment chances.
  • Many internship programs, like those at Axalta, offer mentorship and assistance from experienced experts.
  • Apprenticeships frequently allow you to establish a network of professional contacts, which may help you advance in your career.
  • While some internships are unpaid, many firms, like Axalta, compensate their interns. This can assist in paying living expenses and make the internship more accessible.
  • Some internships result in full-time employment offers. If you do well during your internship, Axalta may offer you a permanent career once you graduate.


You can apply online on the official website.

Official Website

Final Words

This Axalta internship offers hands-on training, supervision from industry leaders, and the opportunity to work on relevant projects. Whether you are studying engineering, chemistry, business, or a related profession, an internship with Axalta will give you the skills and information you need to succeed in your career. Visit their website to learn more about Axalta internships and how to apply.